Beads Points

You will receive from free beads points for every euro you spent to purchase a product.
So if you purchased a product that costs € 1.20 you will receive one point. If you ordered 5 pieces of this product, which will cost you a total of € 6,  you will receive 6 free beads points.

You can exchange these points to get free products!

How can you exchange these free beads points? Look at the top of our menu, you see the button: spend/use BEADS POINTS. Once you logged in, you can search the products you will get FREE in exchange for your points. Add the product you choose to your shopping cart and you will receive this FREE product with your order.

Each Beads Point that you have saved is worth 2 cents.

To change your password

You can change your password to another password of your choice for easier and faster processing of your login process.
How can you change your password?
Login with your old password. Then go to my details, and then change your password in a password of your own choice.

Forgot your password
Click and choose login. Enter your e-mail address and click forgot password. You will receive immediately by e-mail a new password.
You can change this password once again. How? See the text above: To change your password.

To change your Profile
You can change your details as follows:

Email address;
Name, address and place of residence;
Telephone number;
You can change all this by yourself. Login in with your email and password. Then go to change my details and change your details.

Placing an order
You can place an  order as follows:

Create a username  with a password;
After you have took the first step, you can fill your shopping cart;
After you have filled your shopping cart and is  ready to order, click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout;
Do not forget to accept the our general terms and conditions;
To choose a preferred payment method Click here for more information about different payment terms;
You will receive in the same day,  when your order is executed, an email with the order, including our information for actual payment;
If you choose to pay in advance, please post your payment with your order number (this makes  the handling  fast and smooth);
If your payment is received you will receive an email confirming that your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

If you have any remarks, after receipt of the products, please let me know! See the contact form - For this information, see our contact page.

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