Sculpey Clay

"For anyone who enjoys working with clay but prefers a soft material, Sculpey clay is ideal. It's one of the softer types of clay in the polymer clay collection. On, you'll find various types of Sculpey, each with its own advantages: Sculpey Soft, the soft version that requires minimal kneading before use, Sculpey Premo, soft and flexible yet suitable for small details, and finally, Sculpey Super Soft - Pluffy, the extra super soft clay that is perfect for children.

Advantages of Sculpey clay

The significant advantage of Sculpey clay is that it doesn't dry out quickly. So, even if you want to work with the clay for a longer time, you won't quickly encounter dried-out portions in your work. Despite its softness, the material is firm enough to create small details. Sculpey is available in many different colors, as well as special variations like granite, glitter, and transparent. The clay always needs to be baked, which can be done in your own oven. Additionally, all versions of this brand can be easily mixed with each other to create the perfect color you have in mind.

The brand also offers ready-made kits that allow your children to start working immediately. There is exactly enough clay in the package to create the animal depicted on the packaging, so you don't have to buy multiple larger packs of different colors at once. Having an example to follow is also very convenient!

In summary, if you've been searching for a reliable online store where you can buy soft Sculpey clay, look no further and order today from If you order before 4:00 PM, your order will be carefully packaged and sent out the same day. Not satisfied? You can return it free of charge."

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