Sculpey III

"Looking to buy the special Sculpey III soft? You can easily do that at We have all 24 available colors in stock, including pearl, silver, gold, and metallic. We also have the transparent clay from this line, which is ideal for lanterns. There's even a display available with all 24 colors from this line so that you always have enough clay in stock and can mix it to create your desired color. This clay is very easy to knead, making it perfect for children. See all types below.

Sculpey III soft now even easier to use

The biggest advantage of Sculpey III soft is, of course, how easy it is to use. The clay requires very little kneading before it can be worked with. However, it has enough firmness to be used in small details. Therefore, it's not only excellent material for children to use but also for adult artwork.

If your color isn't among the 24 colors or you want something a bit more unique, Sculpey III soft can easily be mixed with the Premo line to create precisely the right color for your project. Afterward, the clay mix can be baked in the oven with excellent results.

The EberhardFaber brand, from which we have Sculpey III soft clay in stock, also offers complete kits with just enough clay for creating several animals. These kits include sets for four farm animals, pets, cars, and much more! Ideal for your children to try out without ending up with a lot of unused clay. And, of course, they come with examples, so they have a guideline for their own artwork.

Whether you're buying a complete kit, individual colors, or a small kit for a specific animal, Sculpey III soft clay always needs to be baked in the oven. The oven's temperature should not exceed 130 degrees Celsius, and the items typically need to be heated for fifteen to thirty minutes on average. Order your clay today before 4:00 PM, and we'll ship it the same day! In general, you'll have your package the next working day."

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