Kato klei Liquid Clear- 60ml - #491535
Kato klei Liquid Clear- 60ml - #491535

Kato klei Liquid Clear- 60ml

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Kato Liquid Polyclay (Clear Medium) is a revolutionary product with which users can make perfect photo transfers and finishes for Kato Polyclay pieces. It can also be used as glue, grout or glaze. Liquid polyclays must be cured at 300F (150c) for a matte finish for 20 minutes. To create a shinier finish, run, hard for another 10 minutes at 350F (177c), or wave the project with a hot air gun until the desired shine is reached. Do not breathe in fumes and never let it harden above 350F (177C) or let Liquid Polyclay come into contact with open fire.
Kato liquid clay Transparent 236ml

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