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Cosclay C4 Flexflo Deco Green 60ml - #373770
Cosclay C4 Flexflo Deco Green 60ml - #373770

Cosclay C4 Flexflo Deco Green 60ml

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Uiterlijk 04-04-2023 in huis.
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C4 FlexFlo Deco
A super flexible liquid polymer that hardens for the same colors as our clay blocks. Can be used in itself to make very stretchable and graceful casting of molds. C4 Flexflo can also be used to beautify Cosclay sculptures as a coating, detail improver, surface treatment, or paint medium. FlexFlo can be colored for baking with alcohol inks and oil -based pigments for colored variations. C4 FlexFlo hards a very flexible, shiny and rubber-like finish.

C4 Flexflo's properties include:

- Flexible and durable after baking
- can be poured into molds For very flexible, accurate replications

Bake instructions: Bake at 135 & DEG; C for 30 minutes.

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